How to create a post that your audience will love?

Step 1: Determine what types of content are best for your audience. The service will help you with this: use it to analyze your group and competitor groups and write out the most successful types of publications. Do not forget to look into related topics about desi sexi video, for example, we advise Lena to look not only into groups of salons, but also to study publics about beauty and care. The service helps to determine the best engagement posts in all social networks (including VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook).

Step 2: Imagine yourself in the place of the client and think about what is really important and necessary for him. For example, Lena could make a detailed self-care plan for a year, including all the necessary procedures, and ask the designer to turn it into a beautiful infographic that can be printed. Or make a test by which it is easy to determine which haircut should be chosen depending on the type of face. Important! Do not copy a post of dubious quality, but thoroughly understand the issue and prepare high-quality material.

Step 3: Choose the best day and time for publication. This data is visible in the community statistics

Step 4: Ideally design the post according to the requirements of each of the social networks. Use emoji if appropriate; choose the perfect image, use hashtags.

Step 5: Get a jump in engagement right after posting. Often, it is enough to ask relatives and friends to leave a like or share a post. Why is it important? Because it is in the first hours after publication that the algorithm decides whether it is interesting or not and whether it is worth “promoting” it or not.

A little secret: to get a lot of reposts, give the information that will take a long time to study. For example, Lena could publish a list of the best beauty bloggers of all time. Many of her followers would repost the list on their wall to study it in detail in their spare time. Do you want a lot of likes? Humor and inspiring pictures are an inexhaustible classic.