Telegram features: overview of features and benefits

Telegram and nod32 key 2021 today is at the peak of popularity – many regular users of other messengers gradually switch to it, having appreciated its wide functionality, easy navigation and minimal traffic consumption.

The creators of the application are constantly improving their brainchild, offering customers new options, even more advanced features and other advantages that leave most competitors far behind. In today’s conversation, we will talk about what features are available in Telegram, what are its pros and cons.

Telegram features
The features and capabilities of Telegram are wide not only in terms of communication and entertainment. The messenger provides a lot of useful tools for business which can help significantly simplify the work of company employees and expand its client base, thus ensuring the active development of own business.

Telegram is also an advertising platform with almost unlimited possibilities. For example, the @TGRM_REKLAMA_BOT service allows you to inform over 150 000 active Telegram users about your offers, products, or channels at once!

Speaking about what opportunities Telegram provides users, we should note the following:

A high degree of information protection and complete privacy in the course of text communication as well as during audio communication. This is provided by a unique data encryption algorithm, developed by the creators of the program.
Telegram is not a commercial project, so there is no paid functions, but there are a lot of hidden features, which make its functionality almost limitless.
There is no spam, not the slightest hint of advertising, no paid stickers or other extras that you would have to pay for.
Data is stored on a huge number of cloud services around the world, except for secret chats.
To achieve maximum privacy, end-to-end encryption is used, when the information of secret chats is stored only on clients’ devices and is deleted automatically when the user logs out of the account or on a pre-set timer.
Messenger works on all platforms, and both mobile device owners and PC users can use the capabilities of the Telegram Channel. Synchronization is done in lightning speed.
The speed of data transfer guarantees the delivery of messages even with a weak Internet connection.
Overview of the main features of Telegram
Most of the features of Telegram are on the surface, but there are some that some people do not even guess about. The key feature of the application, its main advantage is the safety of communication, no risk that the content of the conversation or correspondence will fall into the hands of unauthorized people. 2-step authentication and blocking of chats by means of a fingerprint scanner or a pin code can be used here.

By making the appropriate settings, the user can also delete all sessions on other devices, which is relevant in cases where it was necessary to communicate in the messenger from someone else’s phone or PC.

The program allows you to share text, audio and video information, send each other photos, audio messages and videos in a private conversation, as well as exchange information within communities.

Telegram channel features
Private thematic chats are created for communication between a small group of users (up to 200 people). They unite people according to their interests, they can be friends, classmates or colleagues, or persons completely unfamiliar with each other. Each participant has the right to add new members to the community.

Telegram also has supergroups, which can include up to 5,000 people at a time. Each member can modify or delete their own messages, but only administrators have the ability to clear the chat or attach important messages.

Now, especially for newcomers, let’s explain what a channel in Telegram is. It is a thematic community whose subscribers have the right only to read, but not to comment on the entries given in the community. Anyone can subscribe to the channel, and the number of subscribers is unlimited.