WhatsApp will let users choose video quality before sending

WhatsApp has begun testing a new feature that allows users to share videos in high quality, Business Standard writes.

The feature is calle

d Video Download Quality. It is currently in development, so it is not available to a wide audience. The feature will appear in a future update.

Users will be able to choose from three options: Auto (Recommended), Best Quality, and Data Saver.

In automatic mode, WhatsApp will determine the best option for compressing video. Best Quality allows WhatsApp to always send videos with the best quality available. Traffic Saver is enabled in Android settings and will allow WhatsApp to compress the video before sending it.

Currently, WhatsApp users do not have the option to choose the video quality before sharing.

The Verge previously wrote about testing WhatsApp’s privacy feature, which allows users to send media files that disappear as soon as the recipient sees the message.